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Agendas & Minutes

The agenda and accompanying papers are available for public perusal by 5pm on the Monday before each meeting.  The draft Minutes will be available within seven days of the Council Meeting being held. Please be advised that any minutes of the Council meetings are required to be confirmed at the following meeting.

Council has adopted a policy to audio record the open meeting of council. These recordings are maintained on file for a period of six months from the date of the meeting and can be accessed here.

Current Agenda

September 19 2019
.pdf 19 September 2019 - Agenda Agenda

Late Items

No items available to list.


August 15 2019
.pdf 15 August 2019 - Draft Minutes Minutes
July 18 2019
.pdf 18 July 2019 - Minutes Minutes
June 20 2019
.pdf 20 June 2019 - Minutes Minutes
May 16 2019
.pdf 16 May 2019 - Minutes Minutes
April 18 2019
.pdf 18 April 2019 - Minutes Minutes
March 21 2019
.pdf 21 March 2019 - Minutes Minutes
February 21 2019
.pdf 21 February 2019 - Minutes Minutes
January 24 2019
.pdf 24 January 2019 - Minutes Minutes

From 2014 Council has installed a new function which will allow you to search Council Agendas & Minutes. Please use the form below to search any Council Agendas & Minutes from 2014 onwards.

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Once Council has accepted the Minutes of each meeting, the Council Agenda is removed from this website. To view minutes from previous years please see the following archive.

Council Meeting Minute Archives