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Undertaking Building or Development

In Tasmania undertaking the development and use of land and doing building work is covered by two main laws.

  • Planning Permits & Land Use Planning (Land Use Planning and Approvals Act 1993)
  • Building and Plumbing Permits (Building Act 2000).

Local Councils have the role of applying these state laws through Planning Schemes and Planning Permits, and the system of Building and Plumbing Permits.  These laws setup a system of standards, codes and regulations designed to provide for public safety, amenity and sustainable use of built and natural resources. 

Depending upon the location, scale and type of work or development you are undertaking permits under either or both of the processes may be required. There are very few types of building works that may be undertaken without a permit.

The following flowchartprovides a broad outline of the permit processes involved.

Planning and Building Application Process(360 kb)

 The following pages provide further details around this process.


For current Discretionary Applications, please click here 





Where to go for information?

Use the links above for more information or please enquire with Council’s Development Services on 6452 4800.  An appointment to discuss your proposal in person is recommended.  In order to provide guidance and advice on the applicable requirements details like the following will need to be provided:

• The location or property details (Council staff can then check the zoning)
• Size of property
• Proximity to other buildings, waterways, bushfire prone vegetation, or land subject to landslide hazard or flooding risks.
• Type of proposal (house, shed, deck, retaining wall, fence, commercial development)

More information on the standards in place can be found at the following state government websites.

Why can’t things be simplified?

Haven’t you heard people say it is going to be made simpler? There have been a number of reviews have been announced:

The Planning Reform Taskforce is reviewing of the system applying to development and land use.

A review of the process for regulating Building Standards has been released for public comment by the state government and is open for comment until 8 September 2014.

With the recent changes there is not one single or simple answer that can be applied about what standards are required.  These requirements change over time and will be different depending upon the location and type of development.

Regular changes to Building legislation and national construction standards, new regional planning schemes and new standards for development in Bushfire Prone Areas mean more information is often required to determine what standards apply and if there are any requirements for a permit.  The standards that apply are different to those 12 months ago, and in 12 months time will most likely be different again.  It is always best to check that advice and information is current.

Who can help me?

Council officers can provide information to assist you, however as the role of the Council is to independently assess compliance, they are unable to take a direct role in preparing applications.

It is likely you will need the services of accredited designers, builders, plumbers, and other technical expertise depending on the scale of your project.  Building work that needs a permit will require an accredited Building Surveyor be engaged.  To search for accredited practitioners please

Who else may be involved?

To undertake your development you may also need to deal with a number of other agencies about the requirements that may apply.  These include but are not limited to: