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Upcoming road sealing works

Council are currently progressing plans to seal 3 sections of road which currently have a gravel surface.

The anticipated timelines may vary slightly due to weather or other unforeseeable factors.

Rifle Range Road -  It is intended at this stage that a short (120m) section of Rifle Range Road will be prepared and sealed next week (w/c 3 December).

Connells Cross Road – Works are underway to regrade and seal the existing gravel section of Connells Cross Road. It is intended that the majority of pavement reshaping and drainage works will be carried out prior to Christmas. Road sealing is programmed at this stage, to be carried out by mid-January.

Trowutta Road – The short section of Trowutta Road which currently has a gravel surface and is located close to the Brodies Road junction, is also programmed to be prepared and seal by mid-January at this stage.