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Street Trees - Have Your Say on Council's Policy

At its June meeting the Circular Head Council adopted a draft Street Tree Management Policy and Street Tree Management Guidelines for public comment.

Street trees are an important part of urban areas and are known to have many social, environmental and economic benefits such as:

-        Encouraging residents to enjoy walking and a generally healthier lifestyle

-        Beautifying and softening hard landscapes usually found around roads, footpaths and buildings

-        Cleaning the air and providing some protection from the wind and sun

-        Generally increasing property values and appeal of a town

-        Ensuring future generations have a quality urban environment

“A well-thought-out street tree scheme hopes to achieve a more attractive and healthy environment for the whole community and its visitors” says the General Manager Scott Riley

Street trees are a long-term investment for councils which require careful selection and management in order to ensure they are a good investment. Poorly planned and managed trees are renowned for causing costly repairs to other infrastructure or resulting in high maintenance costs.

According to Council General Manager Scott Riley “a tree might be part of the streetscape for 50 years or more so it is important we make the right decisions early on to save us time and money, and ensure the trees look their best”.

The aim of the Street Tree Policy is to recognise the value and importance of street trees as vital urban infrastructure which are not easily replaced, and to enable Council to be confident in more effective and consistent street tree planting and maintenance procedures. 

The Guidelines provide a set of criteria for what is an acceptable reason to remove or prune a tree and what issues need to be considered when planting a new tree. The Guidelines also provide a method for the public to request the planting of tree, whilst most importantly providing a safe environment for road and footpath users.

Mayor Quilliam says “The policy is proposed to make the decisions around street trees more robust, consistent, and transparent.  Public input in the development of the Council policy is an important part of this.”

The Draft Street Tree Management Policy and Guidelines is available for viewing at between 3 July and 18 July 2019. A copy will also be available for viewing at the council offices during business hours for this period.

CP011 - Draft Street Tree Management Policy

CG011 - Draft Street Tree Management Guidelines