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Road Safety Initiatives

Circular Head Council is involved in a number of road safety initatives through its involvement in the Community Road Safety Partnerships Committee.

The Community Road Safety Partnerships (CRSP) program was introduced by the Department of Infrastructure, Energy and Resources (DIER) to support local communities to address important road safety issues at a local community level.

The Circular Head Community Road Safety Committee was established in 2007 with a Memorandum of Understanding between DIER and Council being signed.

The strategic directions of the Circular Head CRSP are:

  1. General (ongoing) road safety community education awareness campaign
  2. Safer travel speeds
  3. Best Practice Infrastructure
  4. Increased safety for younger road users
  5. Community engagement on priority issues and initiatives

 To address these strategic directions in 2010 the Circular Head CRSP committee in partnership with a local doctor and the Mayor developed the “Look out for your Mates” campaign to educate the community on the importance of taking responsibility for each other to avoid further road serious and fatal road crashes in Circular Head.  The “Look out for your Mates” campaign overarches all community road safety community education.

Circular Head Community Road Safety Partnership (CRSP) Program aims to identify high risk / at risk road users and find behaviour intervention strategies to increase safe driver behaviour. One of the major at risk group is Provisional Drivers, both plated drivers and time related Provisional drivers, who in the main are younger drivers. This is an issue for the municipality, the state and the nation to reduce serious injury from road trauma in younger drivers.

Circular Head currently offers education strategies to younger drivers through various formats.

  • RRRV2 – State Wide Accreditation Road Safety Education at high Schools and Colleges.
  • Keys to P’s – supported and hosted by CHCRSP.
  • RYDA – supported by CHCRSP, hosted by Rotary.
  • Liquor Accord – anti drink driving
  • LLAP provision at 2 service providers
  • Development of LDMP underway

Circular Head has enforcement activity constantly with a fully operational Tasmanian Police Station with staff dedicated to road safety as well as Random Breath Testing (RBT), speed enforcement and automatic registration recognition technology.

Circular Head has a dedicated Traffic Engineering Committee with both state and local Government dedicated to improving and maintaining local and state roads to Australian Standards.

Look Out, Think Ahead

Circular Head Council launched the Look Out, Think Ahead campaign in response to concerns about road kill from the community.

However, rather than focusing on this one area, the intention was to also remind drivers to also look at other hazards on our roads, such as milk tankers, cattle, ATVs, school buses, tractors and more.

The campaign includes brochures and bumper stickers, which is reinforced with road safety messages and banners. The campaign focuses on raising awareness on our roads and getting people to drive to the conditions.

Look Out, Think Ahead was chosen as the campaign name, because of the connection to a pervious Council campaign -  Look Out For Your Mates, which was highly successful in reducing risk taking behaviour in our community such as speed, inattention, not wearing seat belts and drink driving.

The campaign is supported by the Department of Infrastructure, Energy and Resources through the Community Road Safety Partnership and the Circular Head Chronicle. Council has also placed forms from the Save the Tasmanian Devil Program in the Council office to assist with the reporting of any devils killed on Tasmanian roads.