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Circular Head Profile

Circular Head Council has worked with the Cradle Coast Authority, Waratah-Wynyard, West Coast and King Island Councils as part of the Sustainable Murchison Community Plan to engage .id to provide economic and demographic data for the Circular Head Local Government area.

The and sites established as part of this process provides a range of information to help inform Council's decision making processesses around deciding on where and when to locate our facilities and services, to meet the needs of changing populations.

This information is publicly available via the following link to help provide information to both the general and business community.


Circular Head Profile 2008

The following document was created in 2008 to provide an overview of the economic and demographic profile of the Circular Head area.

Circular Head Profile Cover Page







Introduction (2.9MB)

Section 1 - Economic Development (333KB)

Section 2 - Demographic Data (2MB)

Section 3 - Labour Force (1.3MB)

Section 4 - Natural Resources (2.2MB)

Section 5 - Economic Activity (2.5MB)

Section 6 - Real Estate and Housing (895KB)

Section 7 - Transport and Infrastructure (1.1MB)

Section 8 - Telecommunication, Post and Media (201KB)

Section 9 - Education (233KB)

Section 10 - Health and Emergency Services (188KB)

Section 11 - Tourism (183KB)

Section 12 - Sport and Leisure Activities (269KB)

Section 13 - Climate (1.6MB)

Section 14 - Government Services (220KB)

Section 15 - Places of Worship (261KB)

Section 16 - Annual Events (267KB)

Section 17 - Localities and Populations (295KB)

Section 18 - History (805KB)