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Circular Head Council manages four (4) cemeteries within the Circular Head area. These are:

  1. Circular Head Lawn Cemetery, Bass Highway near Stanley junction; and
  2. Smithton Public Cemetery, 20 John Street, Smithton
  3. Irishtown Cemetery, Irishtown Road, Irishtown
  4. Stanley Burial Ground, Browns Road, Stanley

Also, a Niche Wall for interment of ashes is located at the Circular Head Lawn Cemetery.

The Stanley Burial Ground and Smithton Public Cemeteries are closed except for existing reservations, and the Circular Head Lawn Cemetery and Irishtown Cemetery are still open.

Other cemeteries exist within Circular Head that are managed by churches or private bodies, and Council do not hold any records for these. Contact details can be obtained from the Infrastructure and Development Services Department.

Reservations for Graves

In many cases, people choose to reserve a specific gravesite prior to passing away. This is available at the Circular Head Lawn Cemetery, and the Irishtown Cemetery, and involves completion of a Request for Exclusive Right of Burial form, and payment of the prescribed fee (see Fee Schedule). Confirmation of the reservation is completed only when the fees are paid in full.

It is recommended that viewing of the cemetery plan be arranged prior to organising a reservation, as you are requested to nominate a plot number for identification purposes.

Cemetery Plaques

Circular Head Council arranges ordering of cemetery plaques.

At the Circular Head Lawn Cemetery, a restriction is in place that allows only a standard size plaque, which is determined by the area of the cemetery the grave is located. The standard cost of a plaque to be placed at this cemetery is covered in the cost charged at time of burial. The completed plaque is fitted to the appropriate grave when received.

Cemetery plaques can be made for single depth graves, and also double depth graves (where two persons are buried in the same grave). The double plaques contain two detachable plates, which can be made one at a time and fitted to the backing plate.

Ceramic photos are also available, for any cemetery in the area. These are at an extra cost, which is borne by the purchaser. They are made in Italy and are hand painted on a ceramic coated stainless steel surface, and the plaque should be made with milling allowing for the fitting of the photo. A copy of a chosen photo needs to be presented with the order form at the time of ordering of the plaque.

At all other cemeteries in Circular Head, the plaque can be a standard size or made a specific size, and cost will vary depending on the number of lines, and size of plaque. Circular Head Council does not do any installation of these plaques, this needs to be arranged by the purchaser.

Prior to ordering of the plaque, one proof and approximate price can be obtained for perusal free of charge. Should more than one issue of the proof be required, a cost will be incurred by the purchaser(s). Please advise at time of lodging the plaque application form.

Placement of Ashes

Circular Head Council allow placement of ashes into existing graves, at any of the cemeteries under their control. It is optional for the family to be present at the time the ashes are placed in the grave (upon request with reasonable notice given). A new plaque including the deceased person's details may be required in this case which is at the family's cost (for all cemeteries).

Ashes can also be placed in the Niche Wall, located at the Circular Head Lawn Cemetery. This can be arranged through the Funeral Directors at the time of the funeral, or directly through Council. A standard style container is used, and if the ashes are presently in any other container, they need to be transferred to the correct container. Council, under no circumstances, will complete this on behalf of the relatives. No ashes can be placed in the Niche Wall until a plaque is ordered and received, as this is attached once the ashes container is placed in the wall.

Further assistance can be obtained by contacting the Infrastructure Services Department on (03) 6452 4820.


A copy of Council's Cemetery fees can be found here 

Double Plaque Order Form
Single Plaque Order Form
Niche Wall Plaque Order From
Request for Placement of Ashes in Niche Wall
Request for Right of Burial