Community Breaks the Ice

5 August 2015

Circular Head Council, Rural Heath and Tasmania Police are working together to develop a whole-of-community resilience to the issue of drug use.

Circular Head has been the centre of attention since an ice forum was held in October last year.

Circular Head Mayor Daryl Quilliam said Council wanted to focus on the positive things that have happened since the forum.

“There is no denying that crystal methamphetamine, or ice, is being used in Circular Head, and the community has rallied to try and do something about it,” Mayor Quilliam said.

“Ranging from education, early intervention and other additional programs, we are taking a whole-of-community approach to this issue.”

Rural Heath CEO Robert Waterman agreed and said Circular Head should be commended for taking positive steps to respond to the issue of drugs in the community. 

“Through various programs and initiatives Circular Head has taken a proactive approach to ensuring that from a very young age to adults that we are educating people about the problem and addressing the underlying issues behind why people turn to substance abuse,” Mr Waterman said.

“It is through these partnerships, programs and a commitment from the community that we will be able to reduce the use of ice in Circular Head.”

Mayor Quilliam and Mr Waterman said programs that had been delivered or in progress included:

“It is important that if we as a region can work together to tackle these issues, then we can build stronger and more cohesive communities,” Mayor Quilliam said.

“The more we combine our resources the better.”

Acting Commander Steve Burk of Western District welcomed the various initiatives.

“Tasmania Police is engaged in a range of initiatives within the Circular Head community involving local government, state government and non-government organisations together providing positive activities for young people and education on drug and alcohol related issues,” Acting Commander Burk said.

“Drug and alcohol abuse are issues facing all communities and through a collaborative approach as seen here in Smithton, positive results will be achieved.”

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