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Cyclist Warning Signs Coming to Circular Head

21 December 2015

Circular Head General Manager Tony Smart said Council’s Works Plus team is in the process of installing new cyclist warning signs in Circular Head.

The signs are part of a statewide initiative from the Department of State Growth to help increase driver awareness of the safe distances to overtake cyclists.

“These signs are another way to remind drivers in Circular Head of the other users of our roads,” Mr Smart said.

“To complement our Look Out, Think Ahead road safety message these signs will hopefully go a long way to helping to ensure the safety of cyclists in our area.”

There are two versions of the sign. One depicts a recommended passing distance of one metre for roads with speeds of up to and including 60kmh, and the other 1.5 metres for roads above 60kmh.  The diamond advisory sign depicts a motorist passing a cyclist at these recommended distances.  The signs also include a supplementary plate with the words “pass cyclists safely”.

“The message is always only overtake when it is safe to do so, as per other vehicles, but new laws allow a little bit of extra leniency when it comes to overtaking cyclists,” Mr Smart said.

“Installation of the signs is expected to be completed by the end of this month.”

The signs will be installed at various locations including on the Bass Highway near Stanley, other sections of the Bass Highway, Mengha Road, Back Line Road, South Road, Faheys Lane, Irishtown Road, Trowutta Road, Grooms Cross Road, Mella Road and Montagu Road.