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LGAT: Councils to Carefully Consider State Government Ownership Model for TasWater

7 March 2017

The Local Government Association of Tasmania (LGAT) has responded to Tuesday's announcement regarding the takeover of TasWater.

The Local Government sector is committed to carefully considering the model of State Government ownership proposed in the Premier’s State of the State address in Parliament today and awaits further detail.

“It appears the Government has recognised a number of concerns raised by the Owners' Representatives' Group when they met with him on 24 February,” said LGAT President, Mayor Doug Chipman.

“In particular, the model outlined has acknowledged the importance of the return to councils and their communities, the need to keep water prices as low as possible, and a broad concern regarding future privatisation.”

“However, the detail will be important. TasWater’s council owners are confident that TasWater could deliver the robust 10-year capital plan and would like to better understand the feasibility and impacts of an accelerated program,” Mayor Chipman said.

“Councils will also be keen to hear and consider any alternative proposals from the State opposition.”

“Regardless of any future model for delivering water and sewerage services in Tasmania, the work of the skilled and professional Board and staff of TasWater is very much appreciated.”

“The Local Government Association of Tasmania has invited the Treasurer, Peter Gutwein to attend the LGAT General Meeting on 7 April, by which time each council will have had the opportunity to consider the detail,” he said.