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Woolnorth Wind Farm

Circular Head is home to one of Australia's largest wind farms, the 140 MW Woolnorth Wind Farm at Cape Grim at the far north-west tip of Tasmania.

Woolnorth wind farm has 37 x 1.75 MW wind towers (Woolnorth Bluff Point) and 25 x 3MW wind towers (Woolnorth Studland Bay) which produce approximately twelve per cent of Tasmania's total residential energy needs.

Circular Head is in the path of the "Roaring 40s", strong prevailing westerly winds occurring in the latitudes between 400 and 500 south.

Woolnorth Wind Farm

Australia's wind energy industry continues to expand. In 2007 there were 42 wind farms across the nation, with a capacity of more than 800MW, generating around 2,500 gigawatt hours of electricity annually. By 2009, 47 wind farms were in operation with an operating capacity greater than 1,400MW, generating more than 4,000 gigawatt hours of electricity annually. South Australia has the largest installed capacity around 50 per cent of the nation's total capacity.

Apart from Woolnorth, other large wind farms in Australia include Waubra in Victoria at 192 MW (128 x 1.5MW turbines sited on approximately 36 private properties) and Lake Bonney Stage 2 in South Australia at 159 MW.

Globally, the top four wind energy nations for 2008 were:

  • United States - 25,170 MW
  • Germany - 23,903 MW
  • Spain - 16,754 MW
  • China - 12,210 MW

The Woolnorth wind farm and 22,200ha property can be visited on a guided tour. For information visit: