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Emergency Management

While we cannot prevent many natural emergencies from occurring, we can minimise the adverse social, economic, and environmental impacts that these events can create, by working together, using our agreed arrangements. The Circular Head Emergency Management Plan is an important resource reducing our vulnerability and enhancing our community resilience.

The Circular Head Emergency Management Plan has been revised by the Circular Head Council in partnership with its emergency management partners in the private sector, at the National level and with Non-Government Organisations. In its latest form, the plan has focuses on detaied roles and responsibilities for prevention and mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery. It is written to be flexible and enable consistency so appropriately authorised positions and functions can adapt the arrangements to suit each emergency.

The arrangements in this plan are always active and will be continuously improved through application and review, collaboration and consultation and will make a significant contribution towards achieving the Tasmania Together goal "To have a community where people feel safe and are safe in all aspects of their life" and to continue to grow the Municipality of Circular Head together, setting new standards to ensure we create a prosperous and vibrant community for all who call it home and continue to pursue our inspirational vision for Circular Head's community ".. an iconic community valued for the balance between a progressive economy, unique environment and vibrant lifestyle, providing and caring for all."

Circular Head Emergency Management Plan

Link to other Tasmanian emergency management services are -

The following brochure also provides information on cooperation between the Tasmanian Fire Service and farmers to reduce fire risk.

TFS Farming Communities Brochure(1833 kb)